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Family Owned and Operated Since 1992

Meet Frank Devonshire, a proud graduate of Newark High School with a heart full of dedication and a knack for construction that started when he was old enough to hold a hammer. Now with decades of hands-on experience, Frank brings not only a deep understanding of the craft but also a proven track record of delivering quality workmanship to every construction project.

After proudly serving as a U.S. Marine and Marine Corps instructor from 1981 to 1985, Frank found his passion in the roofing business. Since then, he’s been honing his skills and bringing his warm, expert touch to every home improvement project he takes on, establishing himself as the real deal in the field of general contracting and project management.

Frank’s desire to help the homeowner’s vision become a reality is the cornerstone of his small business, which was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 2005. The concept of family and customer service is built into everything Frank does. His commitment to his general contracting craft and his family is as solid as the foundation of a well-built home.

General Contractors with Family Values

Frank Devonshire and his wife of 30 years, Patty, have built a life and home in Delaware surrounded by their four children, most of whom are now involved in the family business themselves. Beyond the consistent construction projects that Devonshire General Contracting completes, the Devonshire family extends their warmth and care to the entire community.

In line with their commitment to their community, they also actively contribute to local schools by donating funds, sponsoring various local sports teams, and passionately supporting family causes. It’s the Devonshire way of ensuring that the cherished values of integrity, teamwork, and customer-focus extend beyond construction sites and into the heart of the communities they serve, leaving a lasting positive impact.


Residential and Commercial General Contractors with a Mission

Frank J. Devonshire General Contracting, our family-owned legacy since 1992, is built on a foundation of pride and craftsmanship. Our mission is clear: to treat every project as if it were in our own home, delivering superior quality in residential, commercial, roofing, and concrete services.

We pride ourselves in truly partnering with our customers to provide exceptional quality in all of the general contracting work that we do, whether it’s a construction management project, a remodeling project, or finding the right contractor for your needs. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring that every project and customer experience, regardless of scale or scope, reflects the high standards and personal touch that define our work and legacy.

At Frank Devonshire General Contracting, we excel in a broad range of both residential and commercial general contracting services tailored to meet the various needs of our clients. Whether we’re involved in concrete services, tackling residential, commercial, or roofing projects, or providing construction management expertise, we have the skills required to manage a diverse range of tasks.

Our team has the know-how to execute each project with precision and safety, all while maintaining open and clear communication with our clients. Each Frank Devonshire General Contracting employee embodies this mindset, contributing to the success of every project and the overall success of our family-owned and operated business within the construction industry.

Our Commitment to Excellence: Quality Commercial and Residential General Contractors

Frank Devonshire General Contracting stands as a testament to family values in the construction industry, proudly serving as a family-owned and operated business for over 30 years. What has set us apart as a family business in those three decades is our unwavering commitment to delivering excellent craftsmanship and top-tier quality on a daily basis to our customers.

As a smaller, family-owned company, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves from larger counterparts that subcontract their work. We do not hire subcontractors; instead, we handle every aspect of the project ourselves, ensuring a hands-on experience and a single point of contact for every client. This commitment to personalized service is something our small family business is determined to pass on to future generations. We partner closely with homeowners and business owners alike to ensure their dreams are being met, making them not just customers but valued members of our family and integral parts of our success story. This hands-on approach to customer service ensures each client receives the personal attention they deserve.

Frank J. Devonshire General Contracting not only brings a wealth of professional expertise to every construction and renovation project, but also values a customer-centric approach. One of the many ways we do this is by offering free estimates, which allows clients to make informed decisions without any initial financial commitment. As a family business, our dedication to quality, reliability, and personalized service forms the cornerstone of our reputation as a name to trust in the construction and renovation industry.

Residential Contracting Tailored to You

When it comes to residential contracting, our main goal is simple: deliver top-notch service and quality work on a daily basis for all construction, remodeling, and renovation projects. From the estimating phase to the nitty-gritty of building, we keep a tight grip, making sure every step is done with precision. For homeowners looking to make that bathroom remodel a reality, or create a comfortable in-law suite for an aging parent, look no further. Frank J. Devonshire General Contracting provides the best residential general contracting experience for all of our customers.

Premier Commercial General Contractors for Your Business Construction Needs

We specialize not only in residential general contracting but also in commercial projects. For a successful commercial construction project in general contracting, we’ve got you covered. We’ve had many notable projects addressing aspects like layout, remodeling, design, and functionality for your commercial space to meet your operational needs.

At Frank J. Devonshire General Contracting, we deliver on fit-outs, particularly for retail and office spaces, alongside advanced installations of steel studs and drywall, ceiling systems, and lighting. Our expertise extends seamlessly from residential to commercial projects, ensuring your construction needs are met with precision and care. Trust us to bring your vision to life, creating inviting and functional spaces that not only meet operational requirements but also radiate warmth and practicality.


Contact Us Today to Make Your Space Work for You

Reach out to Frank Devonshire General Contracting today and start a conversation about how we can tailor our services to meet your specific residential or commercial contracting needs. Our dedicated team is eager to discuss and explore solutions together to deliver quality service and ensure that you feel like a member of our family-owned and operated business. Your satisfaction is not just our goal; it’s the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence.

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